Cameraphone Panoramas

More gadget-goodness for the blog this weekend!

For father’s day, I sent my dad (back home in the midwest) a new iMac to replace his recently dead and long-fossilized powerbook… he’s pretty happy with it, and is digging on how well it works with his little digital camera.

Back here in New York, I took my friend Rudy and his parents, (all of whom hail from Chicago) to Yankees-Cubs in the Bronx. One of the benefits to being on-call for server monitoring at MLB is that I happened to be up, and online when the tickets go on sale… for some undersold games, we get to go as guests of the team, but for sold-out big-deal series like this one, everybody’s gotta pay. I bought these seats back in around March, knowing that I’d be able to make somebody happy with them. Rudy Sr., from the Chicago suburbs, you’re the winner!

Great day for a game, too… Yankees win, 6-3 sweeping the Cubs. The Cubs have never won a game in Yankees Stadium. Ever. And yet the atmosphere was pretty civil, especially for the Bronx. LOTS of Cubs fans there, too. I imagine this is what it feels like for out of town teams when the Yankees visit, and all the ex-pat New Yorkers show up in blue. It was probably 40% Cubs fans.

Anyway, back to tech and gadgets… here’s a panorama taken originally as four different pictures on my Treo 650 cameraphone, then merged together with PhotoStitch software that originally came with a Canon Camera I bought years ago. I don’t know where you can get the software outside of buying a Canon, but it’s considered some of the best stitching software out there. It really stretches what my little cameraphone can do, and will take input from any jpegs you feed it.

(update!) if you have a PC and MS Windows, google for “autostitch”… it’s currently free, and really cool stitching software.


Happy Father’s day, Dad, Rudy Sr., Mieczyslaw (my dad-in-law to be), and all other dads out there!


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