August 2005

the other MLB draft:

Check this job posting out… (it’ll expire in a few weeks, so if you’re reading old blog posts, sorry…)

We’re looking. Know anybody good? I’ve got a honeymoon to Aruba planned soon, and I need a spotter. (well, actually, my spotters need a spotter.)

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We had our company picnic and softball game in Shea Stadium last Friday… my team won! (which resulted in a nice, crunchy, sunburned nose…)

In other news, and an explanation of why there’s been a scarcity of “root for the home team” blog entries recently; WE’RE INSANELY BUSY!

…I’ll post a little more about this soon, but in the meantime, I’ll just say that we need some help over here, and may be hiring soon… I suspect that some of the people reading this might fit the job description.  keywords: Unix, Solaris, Sun, Perl, shell, geek.

I don’t generally post my email address on the blog, but comments are open, ya know?