May 2007

Watchin’ the grass grow

quick post:

Ever wonder how they make designs in the mowed grass at ballparks?

I recently stumbled across this link that explains how it’s done.  Doing a little more web-searching, I found an MLBlog of an actual groundskeeping and turf expert.

My dad (who’s a certified master gardener) would probably "dig" this… now that I think of it, though, maybe not…he let me mow the yard most of the time when I was a kid…


That’s barry bonds in the batters box

Sean C. and I are at PacBell park for Giants/Mets tonight…

About four seconds after I took this, Barry jacked #745 into the bleachers.


(ridiculously beautiful park, by the way.)

I’m at javaone/communityone in San Francisco

If you’re in SF for javaone, please look me up!

Email my personal email address , and i’ll get it on my phone.

the energy of the community here is really impressive… I’m looking forward to learning a LOT over the next few days. I’m currently in the Tim O’reilly keynote at CommunityOne.