June 2006

My Kind of Town, Chicago is.

I’m stuck in O’Hare, returning from a speaking engagement at “Network World IT Roadmap Chicago.” It was a pretty interesting conference, but the highlight of the trip for me was going to Wrigley with my friend AJ to see the Cubs play. The weather had been terrible right up until about 2 hours before gametime, and then it switched to perfect baseball weather.
WOW, that’s a beautiful ballpark. I’d not been there in 15 years, and don’t remember it being so nice. (I was out in the bleachers then, and the temperature dropped 30 degrees during the game. This trip was much nicer.)


Stuff I found out at the conference that that very few people know about MLB.com:

* http://wap.mlb.com (from your phone)
* http://www.mlb.com/narrowband (from your slow computer, like mine is in this airport)


Draft Day! step carefully…

So, yesterday, between my home and the office, in independant incidents, my wife’s watch broke, my iPod broke, and my cellphone decided to reboot every time I move it.
This was all on 6/5/06… not even the “day of all evil” yet. Fortunately, at least the “evil empire” won their game handily (go Yankees!)

Today, we’re doing DraftDay, so I’m chained to my desk, eating pizza and watching logfile scroll by and picks come in from the commish’s office, into the DB, and deployed to the webservers as xml files… every year it’s crazy (big amount of work for something we won’t use again for another 363 days), but it’s all going pretty well… knock wood!