Gadget Preview and Photo test

My last post, I started to discuss my increasingly rediculous collection of gadgets, specifically the strange and antiquated server stack under my stairs…

Later on (and this post is my way of forcing myself to address it later on…) I’ll cover a greater number of my “stuff” collection, including the Newtons, the SparcBooks, the NextStation, and Audrey.

(Incidentally, I’m also an on-again, off-again follower of the cult of 43 Folders and GTD… the previous paragraph, making it impossible, or at the very least rude, to not finish that thought and therefore requiring myself to complete another entry tomorrow, is a little trick “the cult” has taught me… Transition from absent-minded-professor to semi-effective-manager has depended on mind tricks like this. I’ll blog more about those, too… there, see how I did it again?)

Anyway, between now and next post, here’s the real reason I logged in at quarter-to-midnight on a Monday, to test the results of my cameraphone and the new MLBlogs setup. This comes from my daily trainride home, past Yankees Stadium (hopefully soon I’ll get a new Metro North stop next to the soon-to-be-built New House that Ruth Didn’t Build)…

This comes from my favorite gadget of the moment, my Treo 650 camera/PalmPilot/internet-browser phone. Every doctor, lawyer, and captain of industry on the train in the morning has a BlackBerry or a Treo, and most of them have a tallboy in a bag on the way home. Tonight, I just had the treo, but did manage to be on the train before sunset, and was just able to get this shot between the concrete barriers of the Bronx:



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