OpenSolaris, XML-RPC and Flickr uploads to MLBlogs

Some neat stuff happened last night…
The team updated some software and now MLBlogs works with external blog-posting programs (like Ecto for Macs , or Zempt for Windows )…
It’s called “XML-RPC”, and it’s an open way for people “out there” to write programs speak nicely to others… you could post to a blog from your own Perl command, or Java program, using this open standard. For details on how to use existing programs with, see this, and to write your own stuff, Google for “xmlrpc” and “MovableType” or “Typepad”.
If you use to manage and share photos, you can also use it to upload pictures here, to your MLBlog!
In other Open Systems Geek News, our friends over at Sun Microsystems released OpenSolaris today… I’m looking forward to messing around with that… maybe during the offseason.
This post, and the “OpenSolaris Enthusiast” banner image, uploaded to Flickr via email, and auto-posted to this blog… (then further cleaned up in Ecto later)
This has a lot of promise for camera-phone blogging from the ballpark!

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