first post of the season

I’m overdue for a post on this blog… just wanted to get two things out there:

1) i’m very impressed by the bravery of my buddy Justin for running the MLB Mosaic blog… we’ve put a lot of work into that product, but it’s still cutting edge, and has some fairly high computer and internet-connection requirements (sissy computers or my mom’s rural Iowa "broadband" need not apply)… and the customer service "comments" he gets there aren’t always constructive. 

Kudos to his asbestos constitution, and I hope we can help him make the MLB Mosaic (and work well for everyone soon.  With permission, I hope to talk some about the tech involved, and some other alternative audio/video client possibilities to make users of various platforms happier as well. (*forshadow*)

2) I bought a Yankees ticket package this year (with my own money!) … as a league employee, we sometimes have ticket opportunities come our way, but I wanted some guaranteed seats to some games I knew would be sold out anyway, so I and some friends got an 11-game package.  I got two Boston games and the 4th of July games in there, so the ticket package ended up being a pretty good bargain, as seats behind home plate go…  I’m pretty happy with the camera phone trick I figured out last year, so I’ll give it an encore here to spice up the blog post:  I take several cameraphone pictures with my smartphone, then stitch them together using Autostitch (on pc) or Calico (on mac) to make a big panorama.  Fairly good results for a low-res phone-cam:


(click for the full size image)

talk to you soon!


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