Collect all 22!

We did the employees fantasy draft last night.  Yeah, we’re a little late… Greg Klayman was apparently busy getting YOUR fantasy league ready, you impatient fan, you…

The league we “play” in is also simplified a little this year, because a lot of the participants are reporters, broadcasters and the like, and have ended up letting their teams atrophy in the later part of the season, when they’re caught up following (and reporting) real baseball, and things like interviewing the players and stuff.

(I’ve heard that the players themselves also play fantasy, which would be weird, I think… “I just traded myself to David Ortiz for Johan Santana”)

Our league is a Draft-and-Ignore setup… the guys we picked, are the guys we have, for the whole season, no trades, no subs, with the exception of injuries, and once your starter comes off the DL, he’s back in the lineup. 

As a geek, I just wish we had RSS feeds for this (and hey, maybe we actually, do, or will… hm… I’ll look into that.)


Baseball knowledge credit goes to “Z”, who’s not totally happy with our draft, but our top picks in several rounds were poached by the guy ahead of us (next year, we’ll remember to sit next to less savvy co-workers).

Presenting your 2005 Systems Group “Squids”:


Joe Mauer

Shawn Green

Alfonso Soriano

Orlando Cabrera

Scott Rolen

Gary Sheffield

Cliff Floyd

Larry Walker

Raul Ibanez


Dontrelle Willis

Adam Eaton

Jake Westbook

Mark Redman

Scott Kazmir

Mariano Rivera

Jose Mesa


Edgardo Alfonzo

Eric Hinske

Erubiel Durazo

Mark Kotsay

Ugueth Urbina

Bernie Williams


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