Son of a Gun, we’ll have blog fun

Sorry in advance for the terrible, terrible blog-entry title.

I just got back from a trip to New Orleans.  I met up with some old college friends, and saw some Jazz at Jazzfest, ate a TON of great food, got some sun, finally.

Due to time constraints, I didn’t, however, make it to the New Orleans Zephyrs vs. the Albuquerque Isotopes game on Sunday afternoon…

I was actually kind of conflicted, ’cause I really did need a little time away from work, and baseball is, technically work for me… however, I’ve not gotten to a minor league game yet this year, and I really want to go.  This, coupled with my intense love for weird, regional ballpark food (I can only imagine what food is available in the ballpark on the bayou) made this game a strong draw. 

Plus, it’s the Isotopes, on the road!  A must for the Simpsons-lover in me.

Alas, it didn’t happen.  I’ll have to settle for some Cyclones or Staten Island Yankees games soon.  Maybe a road trip out towards Pennsylvania…

The only baseball-related fun in the Big Easy happened at the casino downtown, where a group of guys inquired about my “Baltimore” shirt, and were confused when I told them that I’d never actually been to Baltimore.  I said that I work at and actually have a lot of various MLB-branded gear (if you ever need some Devil Rays baby clothes, I can hook you up).  When I revealed that I was actually a Yankees fan from NYC, they pretty much left me alone to gamble in peace (on cards!  just cards!  that’s all!).



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