Working the Hex

For some reason, I’m a very superstitious person. 

I don’t consiously believe the stuff, to the point of arguing with others about how rediculous Tarot readers, Feng Shui, and Dianetics are.  I’m an engineer, a person of science, by profession, and I know stepping on a crack will not break mom’s back.  (hi, mom!)

In college, my roommates frequently annoyed me by spilling salt in my presence.

I own two black cats, too.  They were born in Boston, which makes them lucky, from my point of view.  At least they worked for the first three years I had ’em… (come to think of it, I moved ’em to a house outside of the five boroughs, and boom… reverse the curse…. ugh.  Manny, you’re a fraud!  It was all the location of Brutus’s litterbox!)

Still, though, I find myself becoming a little compulsive about certain things to “make” my team win.  It gets worse as the playoffs approach.  I have lucky shirts, and unlucky shirts, and colors that are good or bad.  The shirts stay good or bad.  The colors change depending on the opponent, and whether their luck needs reversal or not.  Should the science-of-the-shirt fail me, then the fadeaway jumpshot I use to deposit it into the hamper at night determines whether it’s mojo will recharge for duty after laundry day.  Airballs are bad.  A rim-in is a tremendously good omen.

I have lucky artifacts in the office, too.  Bob Feller was born down the road from my hometown, and I have an autographed ball (I hear Bob will pretty much sign anything if you donate to his museum, which is pretty cool.)  He threw the only opening-day no-hitter ever, and since I’ve been carrying it around on opening days, we’ve been pretty lucky.

Recently, on my trip to New Orleans, I got my change from the newstand in the Atlanta airport in the form of a $2 bill and a Panamanian quarter… I tipped the cab driver with the Two, after a conversation about the casino downtown, and he wished me lots of luck. I had quite a bit.


I found the Panama Quarter in the pocket of my bag again right before the Yankees went on their recent five game streak… Now I’m figuring this quarter must have been in Mariano’s pocket or something sometime down the line, and I’m doing all I can to remember not to spend it someplace while the streak is on (they work in our vending machines, I’m told.) 

… or maybe it’s just something logical, like Tino not washing his left sock.


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